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Astal Development Corp. has been in business since 1978 and was founded by Michael Astalis. The corporation has built housing and commercial properties since 1982. Since its beginning, Astal Development has been developing track homes, commercial properties (office & retail) and rental housing. Astal Development has build from San Diego County to Bay Area. Its headquarters are located at 4710 Melrose Ave, L.A., CA 90029. Its General Manager, Michael Astalis has a background in civil and electrical engineering as well as being Superintendent of construction. He graduated civil engineering in Cluj, Romania. The vice president, Hermina Astalis, graduated from the University of Berkeley with a bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master Degree from USC Marshall School of Business. She worked as a cost engineer for the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Teofil Plop is the Field Manager of construction and a civil engineer. He graduated from The Bucharest Construction Institute, University of Bucharest Romania. He worked as a civil engineer in some large venue projects in Europe and has been working with Astal Development since 1990. Lek Inkeo is the office manager and has been with Astal Development since 1990. Visit Astal Development website.